IT Resumes


Information Technology Resumes include professionals in computers and scientific fields. Common positions include engineers, developers, scientists, analysts and researchers.

There are two major differences in the strategy used in an information technology resume as opposed to a standard professional resume (especially in a hands-on technical field):

For hands on IT professionals, it’s important to build a list of technologies you are familiar with and you highlight the technologies where you possess an expertise. This could include operating systems, software, programming languages, computer hardware or even standards. Especially with developers and engineers, these lists can be long and detailed, but are very important to employers. One of the first things that an employer wants to know is the technical environment where you have the most knowledge and that is why this section needs to be at the top under the summary for hands-on professionals.

Secondly, it is much more common to provide greater detail in a technical resume. These job positions are just more complex. Also, statements can become more detailed when explaining your accomplishments in a specific technical environment

Think of a resume as a historical document listing your career accomplishments within an area of specialization. The resume is one component of a trinity of tools and processes at your disposal used to convince a potential employer of your suitability to the job.It is of utmost importance that each component in the job application process reinforces the last and that there is a common and relevant subject matter visible in the resume and interview.

Because Information Technology roles are so diverse, a precise job match along with well planned and comparable subject matter in your resume and interview rhetoric is essential in order to produce a complete convincing argument. In other words, make sure that all your job application documents promote the same skills.

IT resumes vary tremendously in presentation, content and audience. But they should all share the one common theme, and that is to promote your skills relevant to the advertised job.

Information Technology (IT) positions are one of the stronger industries expected to rise throughout the decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT management positions are expected to grow by 15% through 2022.Tailor your Resume to reflect your experience. Showcase your experience and goals with a resume tailored for your profile. We customize your resume to highlight your accomplishments and experience. Relevant keywords are included in an effective structure to help advance your job search.