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Our services are affordable for anyone who understandsthe importance of a QUALITY CV / RESUME.

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Our mission is to help people achieve theirprofessional aspirations. Trust our experience and order your individual resumewriting service now.


Your CV / Resume should focus on your capabilities,competence and “essence”, and, also, document your professional journey so far.

Is your CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume getting shortlisted when youapply for jobs???

UP 2 DATE JOB’s has come with a solution, UP2 DATE RESUME SERVICE.

India’sfirst exclusive centre for writing, designing & modifying CV’s / Resumesfor fresher’s & experienced.  If you are looking for a job, then it is very important that youunderstand how to offer yourself in the best way to an employer. In order to doso, you need a professionally written CV/Resume.

Companies receive hundreds of CV’s/resumes for their job opening.However, only few are short listed for the interview. This shortlisting is doneon the basis of your resume. On an average a CV/Resumegets reviewed in less than 30 seconds. So you only have 30 seconds to make an impact. To get someone tolook at it longer, it must quickly convey your capabilities, competence and'essence'.

With years of experience behind you, your resume should focus onyour strategic capabilities & your business acumen. It should document howyour presence had been valuable in driving the organization up the corporatesuccess.


So no matter where you are located, allow our professional CV/Resumewriters to compliment your seniority and vast experience with an equallydistinguished resume. Our writing specialists are fully aware of the latesttrends in virtually every industry, and they know what HR managers are lookingfor. They effectively market your strengths and get your resume noticed byemployers. Our services are affordable for anyone who understands theimportance of a quality CV / Resume. 

Our missionStart your new career - today!

Professional Resumes

Professional Resumes arejust as important, but they are designed to show your competency for adifferent kind of responsibility. Professionals, specialists etc. with five ormore years of reliability and experience gradually creating a name forthemselves. These are the people who understand how to work with theirdepartment to get the desired results. There’s leadership responsibility withmuch more hands-on daily tasking.Professional resumes aredocuments that highlight relative work experience. By saying so we mean that onehas worked for at least 5-7 years gaining necessary skills and knowledge in oneor several industries. One of the most important things you can do about yourprofessional level resume is to focus on the evidence of success. It isimportant to show that you didn’t just do the same thing over certain period oftime without any success. Growth and progress are two main words that should bein the center of the resume. Employers always need people who can progress andoffer growth to the position and the company in general. Selectedfor expertise in branding, strategy and format, our hand-picked group ofcertified resume writers will work one-on-one with you until all theinformation needed to write a dynamic resume is in our hands. From there, wewill work our magic until the perfect resume is created. Just for you.


 Executive resumes aresimilar to the professional ones because they are written by/for people withextensive experience and qualifications. However, if the employment historyfrom a professional CV includes entry level and managerial positions, executiveresumes are all about senior management or business executives positions. Ifyou think that this level is the most appropriate for your career search youshould know two words: accomplishments and results. On this stage of the careeraccomplishments and results matter the most. Since the employers know you havealready achieved certain things they want to know what specifically you haveaccomplished and how it can help the company. Remember that specific numberstell more than 4 sentences of descriptive words.An executive resume will also have bolded words, highlightedor underlined sections so as to showcase their skills, achievementor awards.Additionally, the wording and structure will be much more sophisticated thanregular resumes.


Once you have reached acertain level of experience, ,awards or achievements in your career whichwill now enable you to seek for more executive type jobs is the time to startusing an executive resume. It won’t do any good to present a regular resumewhen the position calls for a more  InformationTechnology (IT) positions are one of the stronger industries expected to risethroughout the decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ITmanagement positions are expected to growby 15% through 2022.Tailoryour Resume to reflect your experience. Showcase your experience and goals witha resume tailored for your profile. We customize your resume to highlight youraccomplishments and experience. Relevant keywords are included in an effectivestructure to help advance your job search.


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