Interview Tips


  • It's important for teen job seekers to prepare for a job interview. One good way to do that is to review the typical interview questions you will most likely be asked. Also review sample answers to these typical interview questions teens are asked.

    Do take the time to personalize your responses so they reflect you, as a person and as a candidate for employment.

    = Why Are You Looking for a Job? 

    = Why Are You Interested in Working for Our Company? 

    = How Has School Prepared You For Working at Our Company? 

    = Why Should We Hire You? 

    = What Do You Think It Takes to be Successful in This Position? 

    = How Would You Describe Your Ability To Work as a Team Member? 

    = What Has Been Your Most Rewarding Accomplishment

    = What Are Your Salary Expectations? 

    = Tell Me About a Major Problem you Recently Handled. 

    = Have You Ever Had Difficulty With a Supervisor or Teacher

  • When you are a college student or recent graduate, it's important to relate your college education, extracurricular activities, and experiences to the job for which you are applying.

    Here are sample questions you might be asked during an entry level job interview and sample answers. Do take the time to personalize your responses and connect them to your specific experience and qualifications.

  • = Why did you select your college or university? 

    = If you could, how would you plan your academic study differently? Why? 

    = How would you prepare for important tests or exams? 

    = What college subjects did you like best? Why? 

    = What college subjects did you like least? Why?

    = Describe your most rewarding college experience. 

    = Who was your best teacher, and why? 

    = If I were to ask your professors to describe you in three words, what would they be?

    = What was your biggest challenge as a student, and how did you handle it? 

    = Do you think that your grades are a good indication of your academic achievement? 

    = Did you prefer working independently or in groups on school projects?

    = Do you have plans for continued study 

    = What extracurricular activities have you participated in? 

    = What was your greatest strength as a student? 

    = Why did you choose your major? 

    = How has your college experience prepared you for a career? 

  • = Have you completed any internships? What did you gain from the experience? 

    = Tell me about your work experience? How has it prepared you for a career? 

    = Have you accomplished something you're proud of at work? 

    = What major problems have you encountered at work and how did you deal with them? 

    = What have you learned from your mistakes? 

    = What do you expect from a supervisor?

  • = What is your greatest weakness? 

    = How do you plan to overcome your weakness? 

    = What is your greatest strength? 

    = How do you handle stress and pressure? 

    = How would you describe yourself? 

    = How do you think a friend or professor who knows you well would describe you? 

    = What motivates you? 

    = What unique attributes can you bring to this company and position? 

  • The interview questions that hiring managers ask entry level candidates will typically be focused on why you are interested in the job and why the company should hire you.

    Review these entry level interview questions and consider how you would answer, so you're ready to respond during the job interview.

  • = Why did you select your college or university? 

    = If you could, how would you plan your academic study differently? Why? 

    = How would you prepare for important tests or exams? 

    = What college subjects did you like best? Why? 

    = What college subjects did you like least? Why?

    = Describe your most rewarding college experience. 

    = Who was your best teacher, and why? - 

    = If I were to ask your professors to describe you in three words, what would they be?

    = What was your biggest challenge as a student, and how did you handle it? 

    = Do you think that your grades are a good indication of your academic achievement? 

    = Did you prefer working independently or in groups on school projects?

    = Do you have plans for continued study? 

    = What extracurricular activities have you participated in? 

    = What was your greatest strength as a student? 

    = Why did you choose your major? 

    = How has your college experience prepared you for a career?

  • Have you completed any internships? What did you gain from the experience? 

    Tell me about your work experience? How has it prepared you for a career? 

    Have you accomplished something you're proud of at work? 

    What major problems have you encountered at work and how did you deal with them? 

    What have you learned from your mistakes?


  • = What is your greatest weakness?

    = What is your greatest strength?

    = How do you handle stress and pressure? 

    = How would you describe yourself? 

    = How do you think a friend or professor who knows you well would describe you? 

    = What motivates you? 

    = What accomplishments are you the most proud of? Why?

    = Why should I hire you?

    = What qualifications do you think will make you successful in your work?

    = What things are most important to you in your job?

  • = What are your short term goals and long range objectives?

    = How do you plan to achieve your goals?

    = What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

    = What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?

    = What are the most important rewards you expect in your career?


    = What do you know about our company?

    = What interests you about this job?

    = Why do you want to work here?

    = If you were hiring a college graduate for this job, what qualities would you look for?

    = What do you think it takes to be successful at this company?

    = What can you contribute to our company?

    = What new ideas do you think you can bring to this company?

    = Describe the relationship that should exist between a manager and employees.

    = In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable?

    = Are you willing to travel? & Are you willing to relocate?

    = How do you feel about working evenings and weekends?

    = Is there anything I haven't told you about the job or company that you would like to know?

    (1) Why do you want to leave your present job?

    ANSWER: In fact, I don’t want to leave my present job, sir/mam. I am very happy there and doing well. But, I feel that I require challenges in new job and also opportunity for development. The job which you have advertised will definitely give me immense opportunity to grow up with your well reputed organistaion.

    (2) Why do you want the job which we have advertised?

    ANSWER: I am well aware of the reputation of your company. I am sure your company can give me extensive experience and dexterity (skill in handling things) I require which will be an asset for me to grow up in this company in future. It is my absolute desire that getting employment in a concern like yours will help me to ascend to a higher position in the long run.

    (3) What makes you feel that you will be suitable for this post?

    ANSWER: From the contents of the advertisement I am of the opinion that there are six requisite needs to work efficiently for this position – Intelligence, Initiative, Problem solving capacity, Inter-personal relations, communication skills, a charming personality and above all a desire to excel and I am sure I have all these.

    (4) How will you react when you feel that your superior officer is not correct on a Particular issue and that he differs from you?

    ANSWER: I will try to convince him to agree to my point of argument and even if he does not agree with me and I feel that I am still correct on my stand point, I will come back to him after some time with better arguments when I feel that he is in better mood. He will have to get convinced or convince me

    (5) Why have you been working as a .... (post) for all these years?

    ANSWER: Sir, my goal was clear. I always wanted to be .. (new position), but I never wanted to get rejected in this interview and with this motive in mind I worked there. I got the exposure. I am now more experienced and more informed and know better all the soft skills.

    (6) Why are you unemployed now?

    ANSWER: I am a winner. I believe in winning each game. I practice before I play. This is the attitude that I was preparing for a better position and that is why I did not join any job.

    (7) Why You want a job on less salary as compared to present one?

    ANSWER: Money is not the only thing to live and exist. I am a person of high self esteem. I know that am to learn and grow and excel and for that even if I get less salary I would love to work in a better organization like yours.

    (8) For what purpose you want Employment – for fascination or necessity?

    ANSWER: Of course for both. I know money is important, I have desires, wants, ambitions and only money can do that. So it a necessity. But money can be earned elsewhere also. This job fascinates me. So why not to fulfill both the requirements.

    (9) But you can earn better elsewhere?

    ANSWER: I know, if money is the only criteria then no doubt it is better to earn else where. But my passion for this kind of work can be here in your esteemed company. How to earn better is known to every one. How to work better is required. 

    (10) Sometimes some of the existing employees do not want to co-operate with the new Entrants. In that case, what will be your role to play?

    ANSWER: Normally I don’t expect this thing in your company because I can understand the quality management and professional administration is ther in your company. Still if I face this then I know how to win their hearts. After all they are also human beings. They can understand the emotions and feelings, the only thing is to give them the warmth of relations of a colleague and I am sure I can do this.

    (11) Will you grudge if you are over-burdened with work?

    ANSWER: Work is never a burden for me. I love working, I mean, hard working. I want to excel in this field, so if I am given some extra work, I will feel honoured that my superiors have a faith in me. Let this situation come so that I may show my dedication and sincerity.

    (12) While coming for interview how many stairs you have covered to come to this room from the down-stairs?

    ANSWER: Well sir, I anticipated this question, still I did not count the stairs. Normally my habit is such that I focus on priorities. Today’s priority was to answer other important questions relevant to the job. So I intentionally not diverted my mind to such things.

    (13) Colour of the wall at your back?

    ANSWER: Well sir, I have come straight to face the interview, I have not seen the colour of the walls at my back, yet from other three walls, I could guess that it should be…… because normally all the walls have same colour.

    (14) What do you do for recreation?

    ANSWER: I am fond of music and songs, which freshen my body, mind and soul when I feel tired

    (15) What types of persons do you dislike?

    ANSWER: I like each one, but I dislike certain bad qualities say, unethical, not true to their words, unhygienic and filthy language.

    (16) What plans do you have for self-improvement during the next twelve months?

    ANSWER: Self improvement is a continuous process for me. I follow “KAIZEN” theory means regular improvements may be small. I read books, watch T.V. shows and learn more to improve me. I know even the best can be improved.

    (17) What is your aim in Life ?

    ANSWER: As far as my immediate aim in life is, that is to become …. in your company, but ultimately I want to reach at the top position of your company through my hard work, dedication, commitment and loyalty. That is my aim in life. 

    (18) Who is more efficient, male or female employee?

    ANSWER: In my opinion every one is efficient in their world may it be male or female, but sir very few people are effective. To be effective is more important than to be efficient

    (19) In what ways, you feel will be more effective employee in this company?

    ANSWER: Because of my strengths viz. committed, loyal, respectable, respectful, adaptable etc. I feel I can be more effective employee of your company.

    (20) How would you develop the sense of belonging to the company, if appointed?

    ANSWER: My attitude is already developed. Where ever I worked, I believed that company is mine, may be M.D. is someone else, Chairman is someone else and interviewer is you.

    (21) Can we consider appointing you at a bit lower position?

    ANSWER: Sir, why so sir, I know my abilities and strengths. That is why I applied for this position. I could have applied for lower position if there is any iota of doubt in my self. So I am not interested to be appointed for a bit lower position.

    (22) Do you believe in unionism?

    ANSWER: Question is not of believing in unionism, point is why this union is? If it talks of some vested interests only then sorry for them. Of course if it takes care of the employees without giving any harm to employer then I do feel this good.

    (23) Which public figure do you admire most and why?

    ANSWER: I admire Amitabh Bachhan most because he is down to earth, hard worker and true to his words.

    (24) If you are rejected today, what will be your reaction?

    ANSWER: First and immediate reaction will be that I could not convey my point and second that you are going to miss a quality candidate. 

    Hint: Have a feeling of positive attitude before you come for an interview, interview is a transfer of feelings also.

    (25) If appointed what will be your company relation in ?

    ANSWER: I am going to become an air-hostess and that too with a reputed air line. I am to act as a brand ambassador of this air line. People means passengers, judge the character of air line by meeting us only. I know my responsibilities and my relations with the company. Also in public relations companies it become more essential.

    (26) After doing B.A., Why have not you gone for M.B.A.?

    ANSWER: I am not here by chance. I have applied for this position because of my choice. Otherwise even hundreds of streams are there which could be done.

    (27) If selected, will you feel that your ambition has been fulfilled ?

    ANSWER: Yes, my immediate aim is this, so I will feel that my ambitions have been fulfilled. My feelings will be good. But utimately, my ambition in life is to rise and touch the top of the heights of the success.

    (28) If you are not selected, will you feel down hearted ?

    ANSWER: I don’t see any reason of my rejection. You need a good candidate and I need a good company, so there is a win-win situation already. There is no question of my rejection. So never been down hearted. 

    NOTE: Communicate a pride and not an arrogance.

    (29) You reached here 30 minutes late. Can you explain the reason?

    ANSWER: I reached late !!! Question does not exist. My watch is O.K. and I suppose your watch is also O.K. May be the wall clock is defective. So I can not comment on that

    (30) We find that you are replying to the question as ready made answers, duly prepared from the notes given by your Trainer. Does it not indicate that you have no Originality?

    ANSWER: Interview is an examination like other exams. A person is required to come prepared. My trainer is my guide, mentor, a friend. I do follow his instructions but I have not crammed his notes and it is evident from my language. I use his ideas in my own language and expressions and that is my originality.

    (31) Do you need service or you are required for Service?

    ANSWER: I think it is a mutual kind of arrangement. When I need it and the service also require me only then I can be recruited.

    (32) You are an unemployed person. How do you spend your time?

    ANSWER: I have set my priorities to spend my time for a value addition. I take care of my health, I watch discovery channel and NDTV news channel. I also read books and periodicals.

    (33) What impression have you drawn from this Interview?

    ANSWER: I have given an opportunity to you to judge my ability and suitability for this job. Where as I learnt more. After this interview I am more experienced. I am happy that I am going to work in a good company. Now I have more regards for you and your company.

    (34) You have not been able to satisfy us properly with your answers. How is that you have got 89% in your +2 Exams?

    ANSWER: In the written examinations, all the question papers have alternate questions also. We reply to the questions known to us. We perform better there. 

    (35) Difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness?

    ANSWER: Efficiency relates to jobs done properly, whereas effectiveness means doing the right jobs.

    (36) If you get better job elsewhere will you stay with us?

    ANSWER: Firstly, I will have to know the definition of a better job. If it is for growth and better prospects then yes, I will opt for that. I suppose every one will do that, may be admitting or not.

  • Tell me about yourself?

    (What are they really asking /what they want to hear /what they don’t want to hear?)

    Why do you want to work for our co? // Why should we hire you?

    I really think I have a lot to offer to your co and your co has lot to offer me.

    I will be an asset to your co. I look forward to being a part of your team.

    I have keen interest in research, I can learn things fast and execute them correctly in short span of time.

    Best thing about joining a research job you get exposed to lot of businesses and that’s a great learning. I would love to do a job where I have to analyze particular sector/company.

    Why do you want to leave your present job?

    I feel that it is now time for me to enhance my career prospects and that’s why looking for other options.

    Since my present job provides me very little scope of opportunities.

    I feel that it is now time for me to enhance my career prospects and do something better and I see no future growth possibilities in my existing company and therefore looking for other options

    Now being with the co for more than 1 and a half years and after interacting with people in same industry I have come to realize that sector /co doesn’t have 2 much 2 for a young professional like me.

    People who are in this sector for more than 5 years they are still doing the same kind of work which they started doing it when the joined.

    So there is very limited scope of learning growth and responsibilities.

    I am looking for a change as there is a very little scope of growth. I don’t foresee and growth and learning in my present co. Then in last 3 – 4 months there is significant drop in volume both in exports and imports. I am hearing that things are not growing to improve for next 8 to 12 months.

    Keep smiling and talk about leaving for a positive reason such as an

    opportunity, a chance to do something special or other forward-looking

    What kind of salary you are looking for?

    I hope compensation offered to me will be according to my qualifications, skills and experience.

    When are you able to start?

    I have to inform my current employer and serve the notice period of around one and half month; I could immediately start after that.

    How long would you stay with us?

    If I can learn and grow along with the company growth I don’t foresee any change.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    I would like to see myself in the management position and I am going to be learning and gaining practical experience until then.

    What kind of challenges did you face in your last job and how did you overcome it?

    The challenge which I faced in my last job was to establish myself in short span of time and I achieved it by hard work I put in lot of efforts and find out ways so that I can get maximum results in short span of time.

    If you could start your career again, what would you do differently?

    Looking back what would you do differently in your life?

    It’s been a good life, rich in learning and experience. I have learnt a lot from my past so; I wouldn’t want anything to be changed. I have learned from each of the experience I have had and the best is yet to come.

    Well looking back I know am happy with how my life is going on. It has taught me lot .I have learnt a lot from my past so; I wouldn’t want anything to be changed.

    I have learn from each of the experience I have had

    I never look back because past is past and i have to live my rest of life in future. although i will never repeat the mistakes which i had done earlier in my life.

    Its been a good life, rich in learning and experience, and the best it yet to come. Every experience in life is a lesson it its own way. I wouldn’t change any thing.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate yourself?

    I strive to do best in whatever I do.

    8/10. there is always scope for improvement

    Are you willing to relocate?


    I guess it would depend on the location and the pay. If everything is the same, I would rather stay here. But I would be willing to consider it.

    What are your strengths?

    I am very headstrong. I really like to be challenged in my job, and I just want to learn as much as I can in my position. At the end of the day I need to be able to look back on my day and feel good about the job that I’ve done. I guess you could call it sense of self worth. That’s why I always put my all into everything I do.”

    1. Get along well with people

    2. Attention to detail

    3. Learn new information quickly and apply it correctly in a time constrained environment/ I am a quick learner. I have great problem-solving skills and am willing to learn new things to get the job done

    4. Determined

    5. Able to prioritize

    6. Believe in myself –self confidence

    7. I have the ability to cope with failures and learn from my mistakes

    8. Love to learn new things

    9. Having good interpersonal skills

    10. Highly energetic

    11. I like to work in team and have been an active participant and organizer at several places

    12. My strength is my flexibility to handle change. As customer service manager at my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team. 

    What are your weaknesses?

    I’m sure I have short comings, but no one has ever enlightened me to them nor have they ever interfered with my productivity or work.”

    Simple answer: “Well I used to have a problem saying NO to people, today I prioritize my day completely and in so doing I let my time management skills decide what I can truly say Yes & No to

    i can sometimes get frustrated if i am working hard and others around me do not seem to be”

    I have to work on having more patience because I always want everything done at once.

    I’m over-friendly

    What does success mean to you?

    To me success means completing a task and when looking back thinking I could nt have done it better

    What does failure mean to you?

    I feel failure is not reaching true potential, if a person is not able to utilize the resources he has and resources around him it’s a failure because the work could have been done better.

    What type of co you would prefer?

    I will prefer a company where I can contribute and contributions are appreciated and rewarded.

    I would like to join a company where I can enhance my skills, competitive environment, and cooperative colleagues.

    Do you prefer working alone or in a group?

    Do you prefer to work in a group?

    Yes I prefer working in a group

    How do you make imp decisions?

    I make imp decisions by examining all the details and then weighing the pros and cons for each decision. 

    How do you feel about overtime?

    I don’t have any problem in working overtime and I am flexible with my hours.

    Do you work well under pressure?


    Working under pressure is really a good experience in my sense, where our capabilities will be known to our self & others, so i like to work in these situations rather working in normal situations.

    What is the most recent book you read? / Who has inspired you in life and why?

    I read Autobiography of George Soros. He was a respectable and successful currency speculator. Chairman of Soros fund management

    On sept 16 1992,He became famous when he sold short more than $ 10 billion worth of pounds , profiting from the bank of England reluctance to raise either its interest rates to level comparable to those of other European Exchange Rate Mechanism countries or to float its currency and made in excess of $ 1.1 billion on a single day.

    Is there anything else you want to add?

    I don’t know if I expressed it that well but I am confident that I can do well.

    Are you an organized person?


    If you won 10 crore lottery, would you still work?

    Yes I would still work, since I cannot sit idle.

    What qualities should manager possess?

    Competencies Teamwork Responsibility Commitment to career Commercial awareness Career motivation Decision making Communication Leadership Trustworthiness & Ethics Results orientation Problem solving

    What are your short term goals?

    My short term goal is to find a position where I can use the knowledge and strengths that I have. I want to partake in the growth and success of the co I work for.

    How do you handle conflict? // what do you do when people start arguing? // tell me about a time when you disagreed with somebody else?

    I feel all problems have a solution. Whenever I am confronted with a conflict, I analyze it and create a list of steps I can take to resolve it.

    Arguments come about when two people have different perspectives on the same issue and both are trying to persuade, sometimes aggressively, to get the other side to see the issue THEIR way. Simply put, arguments happen when two people are talking, yet no one is actually doing any real listening.

    If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be and why?

    Generally each day has brought new things in life on personal and professional front. dont want to change anything

    To be less defensive and less impulsive

    What you do when you are angry

    Empathize with them. When I get angry at another person for the stuff he /she did, I try for a moment to put myself in their shoes and see things from their perspective. By seeing things from the perspective of the other person, it will allow you to see the bigger picture

    Why you have done MBA after professional course like engg.

    MBA -2005 07 B tech is not used

    Great great question. And I’ve asked myself the question several times. (The engineering makes you analytical and the MBA makes you structure your arguments well.)

    Why changed and change the sector

    I changed the job because at that point of time shipping sector was booming, freight rates were at an all time high /compensation was also good and I changed it because I thought it was a good opportunity to learn something new as I already knew about stock market as I have been investing in market since 2005.

    If you could relieve the last 10 years of life. What would you do differently?

    Really nothing. I‘ve learned from each experience I‘ve had.

    What motivates you?

    I’ve always been motivated by the desire to do a good job at whatever position I’m in. I want to excel and to be successful in my job, both for my own personal satisfaction and for my employer.

    I was responsible for several projects where I directed development teams and implemented repeatable processes. The teams achieved 100% on-time delivery of software products. I was motivated both by the challenge of finishing the projects ahead of schedule and by managing the teams that achieved our goals.

    What kind of team you would like to join?

    I have gone thru your co website/I would like to join your research/commercial team 

    How do you handle criticism?

    I try to see criticism as an opportunity to improve my work’ I decide whether the criticism is valid or not’

  • A Perfect Job is what Everyone is looking for. But Hey! Are you Ready for a Perfect Interview. See Below what can Help you to deliver your Best in an Interview:

    1.Reach the Interview place atleast 30 minutes in advance. Sit in waiting room / wash your face and hands, check your combing, makeup, dress in loo. 

    2.If u don’t find a comfortable or a good loo or waiting room, go to nearby hotel or restaurant and relax there. 

    3.Carry water with you and have a glass of water before appearing in interview. 

    4.No chewing of gum at the time of Interview, but check if you have a bad breath. Chew a Gum or Mouth freshener and spit. 

    5.Clean your nose before entering the interview chamber. 

    6.If you feel right, knock the door and ask, “May I come in, please,” and after hearing “yes” enter. 

    7.Check before entering your mobile phone is on silent mode or Switched Off. 

    8.Wish Good Morning or whatever. Sit after you are asked to sit and say Thank You. 

    9.Do not keep your hands on the table or any of your belongings on the table. 

    10.Put your bag / brief case on the floor near your right foot. 

    11.Maintain a balance in your pose and posture. 

    12.No aa, aa, ey, ey, or crack in your voice. Reply clear cut and to the point. 

    13.No nervousness or down heartedness in the interview room. 

    14.Let the questions be completed then think and then speak the answers. 

    15.No stretching/ extending of hands while answering the questions. 

    16.Have a smiling face, but don’t laugh there. 

    17.Be attentive there and have a direct eye contact with the interviewers. 

    18.If not getting the questions etc., say “Pardon” 

    19.If don’t know the answers or are ignorant simply say “Sorry, I don't know" or "Sorry, I am not sure about it". 

    20.Don’t show that you are in need of employment. Job will be offered to you if you are able. 

    21.Don’t touch your mouth, cheeks or fingers, your hair or itch your body parts. Oops, control your hands. 

    22.Smoking is bad habit and if still you do, don’t carry cigarette box with you and see your breath is free of smoke. 

    23.Don’t eat onion, garlic or any thing heavy on that day. 

    24.Don’t drink carbonated beverages etc. 

    25.Avoid Farts. 

    26.Don’t argue or enter into controversies. 

    27.Don’t tell lie or give false statements, otherwise it will be difficult to manage the situations. 

    28.Be calm, don’t show gestures, reactions etc. 

    29.If they are asking you embarrassing or confusing questions, let them check your temperament and don’t allow your confidence shattered. 

    30.When finished, say “Thank you”. 

    31.Don’t take the initiative to shake hands yourself. If they do, then you must respond with soft and firm hand shake. 

  • It takes ten seconds to make a first Impression and a Life time to undo it.

    93% of Communication is Non-Verbal. Out of this 55% is through Body Language and 38% is Tone of Voice and Balance 7% of Total Communication is Verbal. 

    When you walk into an Interview room, walk with a little bounce, showing Enthusiasm and Energy. Do not show Nervousness.

    Stand tall and then walk into the room.

    Keep right hand free, Interviewer may be interested to shake hand. 

    Keep your legs still and do not shake them.

    Keep your legs together or close at ankles.

    Men close at knees. No figure 4 posture. It depicts arrogance.

    Do not clear your throat. 

    Try not to use “Yeah or Ya“ ---- Say "Yes". 

  • Non Verbal:

    NERVOUSNESS: Clearing the throat, fidgeting (arousing body or body parts), playing with your clothes or hair, exhaling audibly, yawning etc.

    SUPERIORITY: Hands on hips, looming stance.

    INSECURITY: Chewing on fingernails or a pencil or pen, quick eye darts, playing with clothes etc. looking down, not making eye contact.

    DEFENSIVENESS: Crossed arms, looking sideways, rubbing eyes and nose.

    ANGER: Short breath, clenched fists, tense jaws.

    DOMINANCE: Leaning back on a chair with a slopping body, leaning back with both hands behind the head or neck.

    DISBELIEF: Raising one or both eyebrows.

    DISCOMFORT: Going on one Hip, rocking, going back or forth on heels and toes.

    DISAGREEMENT: Rubbing side of your neck, touching an ear and earlobe, holding back of neck with open palm.

    DISGUST: Narrowed Eyes and lowered Eyebrows, curled Upper Lips.

  • Walk-In Interviews are Tedious because of large number of Interviewees. So, Keep in Mind the Following Things for Successful Walk-in Interview:

    •Reach early because generally it is done on first come first interviewed bases. If time is 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., reach by 8.00 p.m. You will have to wait little, Interviewer will be fresh and will remember you better. In the late hours because of fatique may miss the good candidates.

    •All the credentials, they check. 

    •Your medical (height and weight) is done to check your body statistics fall within the specified limits. Before going for an interview or writing your resume, get your height and weight checked from 2 locations/places, otherwise if any mistake is found, you may burst into tears and Interviewers won’t sympathise with you.

    •When sent inside for the interview, most of the time 4 – 5 candidates are sent together. Sit after you are asked to sit or seek their permission to sit. Do not grab the first available chair. Remember to walk looking TALL. First impression counts. Look friendly, not nervous or grim. Remember to sit properly, means legs and feet together.

    •When asked to speak about you speak about YOU only, in the allotted time. Convey them you are dependable, flexible and have lots of patience. If you worked or volunteered in any service industry or hosted any function. Highlight that, tell them how you enjoy meeting people, tell them you can work for longer hours (give example), tell them you enjoy get-togethers, tell them you take care and enjoy taking care of your brothers, sisters and grand parents. Give examples of your tolerance and patience. The interviewer will not be able to pull out all these informations from you. It is upto you to let them know, through examples, every thing about YOU.

    •No one wants to hear about your family tree. They want to know YOU. 

    •Prepare, Prepare and Prepare. 

    •If interviewer is writng something, do not lean to read, you will become more nervous.

    •Clear the first round by good appearance, good talk, good walk and SMILE. 

    •In the waiting hall, some time, their staff can be there, mixing with you as interviewees to judge you. Do not speak bad about company, arrangements, infra structure or don’t gossip there. Your behaviour there can be judged also.

    •Before going to interviews, surf their website and know maximum about company, key persons and related information and prepare how you will perform well there.

    •At the end your medical checkup will be conducted by company doctor. Be fare and truthful always.



    •Most authoritative colours for Suits: Navy Blue / Grey / Black 

    Wool – Wool blend.

    Trousers straight or Lappered.

    No tight clothes because tight clothes magnify the weight problems. 

    •Shirts should be of white or light colour to offset the suit, cotton or cotton blend. No shiny or see through material.

    •A Tie is must. Tip of the tie should touch the belt. It should not be longer or shorter . The thin end should not show below the broad end of the tie. If it happens, don’t hide in your trouser but put inside in your shirt between the buttons. Never wear a spoilt or dirty tie. 

    •No gold chains or bracelets and no finger Rings, no stone or gems. 

    •Don’t use too much or strong fragrance. 

    •Nails should be cleaned and well shaped. Looks should be clean and well shaved. 

  • Why did you decide to enter the field of library and information science? OR What motivated you to seek a library degree?

    What kind of position are you looking for when you graduate?

    Why did you decide to apply for this position?

    What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    List three of your most important/proudest accomplishments.

    What kind of work environment do you prefer?

    What motivates you? ALSO Have you used these motivators with others?

    How are you qualified for this job? OR What qualifications do you have that make you think you will be a success at this job?

    What supervisory experience have you had?

    How would you characterize your supervisory style?

    What would you do about implementing the provisions of the American with Disabilities Act (or some other new policy) in our library, and how would you prioritize this among your other duties?

    The person in this position needs to be innovative and proactive. Can you describe some things you have done to demonstrate these qualities?

    How would you rate your communication skills and what have you done to improve them?

    What do you feel is the place of bibliographic instruction in the library? Have you ever taught in a classroom setting? Would you be comfortable teaching BI courses?

    What else besides your school and job experience qualifies you for this job?

    What is your experience with collection development?

    What experience do you have dealing with academic scholars?

    What is your experience with automated systems and with computers in general?

    What have you read lately, and what are you reading now?

    While this position involves some specific skills (language, computer, cataloging, etc.), it is more of a generalist position. How do you feel that your background fits into this?

    What are the personal characteristics and qualities that you would bring to this position that would be particularly helpful in fulfilling the responsibilities of this position?

    Why did you choose X University for your graduate education in library and information science?

    Tell us about yourself. ALSO Tell me about yourself — why did you choose this type of work?

    What professional groups are you a member of, and how active have you been in those groups?

    You have just had a short tour of this library. Did any aspect or anything you saw or heard about this library surprise you? Would you change anything about this library?

    Why do you think more students are going into public services than technical services?

    Tell us about your experience with online searching.

    How do you work in groups, and what experience have you had working in groups?

    What appeals to you about this position?

    Why do you want to move to this area?

    How do you feel about providing general reference services for undergraduates or for high school or junior high school students?

    What are some aspects of your present position that you like?

    What are some aspects of your present position that you dislike?

    What do you see yourself doing five or ten years from now? OR Where do you see yourself going from here?

    What is your cataloging experience?

    What do you think a reference librarian’s duties should be?

    Tell us about your subject background and about your coursework outside of library science.

    How will your other experiences outside of librarianship aid you in this position?

    What is your opinion of X University’s approach to holisitic librarianship? How well is the system functioning?

    How are government documents handled at X University?

    What is your interlibrary loan experience?

    What experience have you had using the Internet?

    Do you have the skills necessary to create and maintain our WWW home pages?

    What do you see as the future of the Internet as a reference tool?

    How will libraries mesh use of print and electronic resources?

    What do you see as the budget implications of increasing use of electronic resources in libraries?

    Can you install software on computers and perform basic maintenance on them?

    What courses (college/graduate school) did you find most satisfying? Least satisfying? Why?

    What would you say you learned from your college/graduate school experiences that you see being carried over to your life today?

    Do you plan to continue your education?

    What kind of people do you like to work with?

    What kind of people do you find it most difficult to work with? What do you do to improve the situation?

    Do you prefer working alone or in groups?

    Starting with your last job, would you tell me about some of your achievements that were recognized by your superiors?

    What are some things you would like to avoid in a job? Why?

    What are some of the things on your jobs that you feel you have done particularly well?

    What does success mean to you? How do you judge it?

    What are some of the things about your last job that you found difficult to do?

    What are some of the problems you encounter in doing your job? Which one frustrates you the most? What do you usually do about it?

    How has your present job developed you to take on even greater responsibilities?

    What do you have going for you that might make you successful in such a job?

    Who or what in your life would you say influenced you most with regard to your career objectives?

    What would you say there is about you that has accounted for your fine progress to date?

    What traits or qualities do you feel could be strengthened or improved?

    What motivates you to put forth your best effort?

    What kinds of things do you feel most confident in doing? Somewhat less confident in doing?

    What are some of the thing you are either doing now or have thought about doing that are self-development activities?

    Tell me about a time when you had work problems or stresses that were difficult for you.

    Customers frequently create a great deal of pressure. What has been your experience in this area?

    What types of pressures do you experience on your current job? How do you cope with these pressures?

    Describe a time when you were under pressure to make a decision. Did you react immediately or take time in deciding what to do?

    What types of things make you angry? How do you react?

    How do you react when you see co-workers disagreeing? Do you become involved or hold back?

    Do you prefer to have a job in which you have well laidout tasks and responsibilities, or one in which your work changes on a frequent basis?

    In your current position what types of decisions do you make without consulting your immediate supervisor?

    What types of experiences have you had in dealing with difficult customers?

    Describe a problem person you have had to deal with. What did you say or do?

    What have been your experiences in dealing with the general public? When have people really tried your patience?

    What important goals have you set in the past, and how successful have you been in working toward their accomplishment?

    Do you do personal planning? If so, what are your goals?

    What things give you the greatest satisfaction?

    How would you describe yourself?

    In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our department?

    What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?

    Describe your most rewarding experience.

    In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable?

    What do you know about our library? university? community? company?

    You mentioned you enjoyed your last job. What did you enjoy most? Least?

    Why do you think this library should hire you?

    What will your last supervisor tell me are your two weakest areas?

    If you were hiring someone for this job, what qualities would you look for?

    How do you feel about your ability to write, spell, and communicate? What kind of feedback have you received about your writing ability?

    Describe your experience in creating documents, proposals, research findings, or any other form of written copy.

    What does the term two-way communication mean to you? When have you successfully used two-way communication?

    Some people get to know strangers quickly, while others prefer to take their time letting people get to know them. Describe how you entered relationships when you were “new” on a job.

    Some people have the ability to “step into another’s shoes.” When has this skill been required of you?

    How did you organize your work in your last position? What happened to your plan when emergencies came up?

    Describe how you determined your priorities on your last job.

    Describe how you schedule your time on an unusually hectic day. Give a specific example.

    Are you a person who likes to “try new things,” or “stay with regular routines”? Give an example.